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Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 21 December 2016 00:00


C.No:28/CIR/JNFOA/2016 dated 21st December 2016

Office Bearers Election Announcement

Dear Members,

I am happy to announce the election to the office of the Jains Nakshatra Flat Owners Association (JNFOA). Election is scheduled to be held on 29th January 2017.

This Election is to be conducted in accordance with the rules specified in our Association’s Bye-Law and the following conditions are

stipulated. Eligibility criteria for casting of vote and contesting in the said election:-

1) Any person(s) who has an apartment registered in his/her name in Jains Nakshatra is eligible to become a member of the Jains Nakshatra Flat owners association (JNFOA).

2) Members who are not residing in Jains Nakshatra are not eligible for contesting as a candidate, but eligible to cast their votes only.

3) There should not be any outstanding/dues to be paid by a member to the association to be eligible to cast his or her vote or contest in the election. To reiterate, members who have dues to be paid to the association neither can vote nor contest in the said election.

4) In case of joint ownership, either of the owners may authorize the other owner in writing, for voting and/ or contesting in the said election.

5) The Election nomination form shall be proposed by one member and seconded by another member of the association.

6) Copy of Sale deed/ Property Tax Order/ Remittance Receipt and an identity proof, issued by Govt. Authorities should be attached along with the nomination form.

7) Any member is eligible to contest for one post only.

8) Members are requested to bring any identity card, issued by Government authorities to cast their vote in the said election.

9) Any member can appoint a proxy in writing to vote in the election on his behalf. Hard copy of the Proxy letter duly signed by the member should be submitted to the election returning officer before 48 hours of the election. A copy of the sale deed should be attached along with the proxy letter.

10) Any person having a General Power of Attorney (POA) to represent on behalf of the member on all matters related to the flat, and residing in Jains Nakshatra can contest and vote in the election.

11) The spouse of a member (registered flat owner), or either of the Parent of the member(s), or children (above 18 years) of the member are eligible to vote and contest in the said election, provided the registered flat owner gives an authorization in writing to the above such person who is residing in Jains Nakshatra.

12) All Members/Proxies are requested to bring any identity card, issued by the Government authorities to cast their vote in the said election.

13) Tenants are NOT eligible to contest in the said election.

14) Schedule of election dates is as below :

Election Schedule



27.12.2016 Publishing of Eligible Voters List

28.12.2016 to

31.12.2016 Issuing of Nomination Forms in the Association’s office. (at 6th Block)

3.1.2017 Last date for filing of Nomination for the elections at JNFOA Office.

4.1.2017 Scrutinization of Nominations

7.1.2017 Last date for withdrawal of Nominations.

11.1.2017 Announcement of the final list of candidates, contesting in the elections.

29.1.2017 Date of Election. Timings: 8 AM to 5 PM, with lunch break of 1.00pm to 2.00 pm at JNFOA office.

29.1.2017 Announcement of results at 8.00 PM at JNFOA office


Election Commissioners

1) Dr.D.Chandra Mohan - 11/TC - Election Commissioner (9840310810)

2) Tr.K.Mohan -6/TB – Asst. Election Commissioner (9444804811)

3)Tr.G.Thangamani - 3/FC – Asst. Election Commissioner (9566080563)


D.Chandra Mohan

Election Commissioner


Details of Office Bearers and Executive Committee Members

Office Bearers

1. President

2. Vice-President

3. Secretary

4. Joint Secretary (2 posts)

5. Treasurer

6. Joint Treasurer


Executive Committee Members for each block (1 to 16)

1. EC Member – Block 1

2. EC Member – Block 2

3. EC Member – Block 3

4. EC Member – Block 4

5. EC Member – Block 5

6. EC Member – Block 6

7. EC Member – Block 7

8. EC Member – Block 8

9. EC Member – Block 9

10. EC Member – Block 10

11. EC Member – Block 11

12. EC Member – Block 12

13. EC Member – Block 13

14. EC Member – Block 14

15. EC Member – Block 15

16. EC Member – Block 16

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